Sensodroid T-880 Wireless Barcode Reader (433 MHz)


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Wireless laser bar code scanner with memory and up to 300m in free space. More

The T-880 wireless laser scanner allows you to read barcodes with a high speed of up to 100 scans per second up to 300 meters from the base. From these readers, you can create a sophisticated warehouse or plant logging system. Reading the code is signaled by an acoustic or visual signal. The reader has rubber shields to ensure high durability: a repeat drop of 1.5 m to the ground. The barcode reader has an integrated memory of up to 300,000 barcodes. Intelligent data storage on the station when the signal is recalled Non-losing mode.

Reader Features:

Wireless design with a range of up to 300m
Memory for 300,000 barcodes
Fast scanning of up to 100 scans / sec
Repeated fall from 1.5 m to ground
Acoustic and visual code reading code

Sensor Laser
Interface Wireless
Sensodroid T-880.pdf (pdf, 607.9 kB)