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Wireless QR and Datamatrix barcode scanner with charging base and optical sight. More

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Senses all types of barcodes and QR codes, regardless of their orientation. The advantage of this scanner is that it is easier to read the codes thanks to the optical sight, which ensures that the scanner is always accurately pointed at the code. The code scanner is wireless with a charging station to ensure the reader is always charged and ready to read codes. Includes an automatic code scanning feature when approaching the reader head without the need to press the trigger. You'll also appreciate the code scanner's three-step volume adjustment, or you can turn the beep off completely when a code is read. The 1D and 2D code scanner has a wireless interface with a USB charging station so you can simply connect it to your computer. Charging is taken care of by the USB cable included in the package.

Types of use: supermarket, retail, healthcare, banking, logistics, medical, industry, energy and more.


1D and 2D codes.
Wireless interface
Optical sight
Charging base
Automatic code scanning
Repeated drop to ground from 1.5 meters
Audible and optical code read signal

Sensor CMOS
Interface Wireless